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Manufacturing equipment for the production of toilet paper and paper towels
Our clients get such advantages as quality production in the best price-quality ratio and 1 year guarantee for all the machines, as well as qualified assistance from our service engineers around the clock. Besides, we have spare parts necessary for manufacturing in our warehouse.

Automatic rewinding machine with lamination PM-7M


‎68 000,00 - 73 000,00 EUR


We present to you detailed information about the production of our company.

This is a rewinding machine PM-7M equipped with two/three unwinding units and a lamination unit.

All the equipment is designed and manufactured by our experienced engineers. In production of the machines we use spare details from leading European manufacturers: FESTO, KAMOZZI (pneumatics); OMRON, Schneider (electronics); LENZE, Delta (frequency converters); INNOVARI (gear motors).

Term of warranty for all the machinery is 12 months.

Our main goal is meeting the needs of all our clients. We always take into account all wishes, demands and technical requirements for ordered machines of the clients.

The description and technical characteristics of the discussed machine are given below:

Automatic rewinder PM-7M works by “start-stop” principle and is designed for winding of two/three layer rolls of toilet paper and paper towels. This machine provides manufacturing of rolls of toilet paper and paper towels, made of cellulosic raw material; this production is twice embossed – it has imprints above and below. The paper layers are fastened by the following way: two layers are passed through the embossing unit and placed onto the lamination unit, through which the third layer is passed. Finally, two layers are glued with the third one point to point.

The machine is presented as a strengthened frame with two motorized unwinding belts with pneumatic tension system installed on it (the belts are also used for amortization of unwinding roll), as well as with special apertures for holding and blocking of the reel spool with unwinding roll, and a device, presented as two pneumatic levers, for loading of a new base roll from the floor and taking off the reel spool when the unwinding cycle is finished.

All the mechanism is framed with protecting blocks around and above. Roll-out frame and protacting blocks are made of channel, angles, and sheet iron, painted in blue color (the color may be changed according to the wish of the Client). Fastening to the floor is provided with the system of bearing plates. Roll-out drive is provided by means of notched and plain belts of 7,5 KW electric motor. The device for belts tension is also presented.

The machine is equipped with all elements and devices, necessary for compliance with safety engineering and corresponds to the EC Directives.

The machine provides winding of logs of the desired diameter and way of winding , using paper of different grammage.

The drive of the rewinding machine is provided by means of notched belts of 11,0 KW engine; the devise for belts tension is also presented.

The machine is equipped with all elements and devices, necessary for compliance with safety engineering and corresponds to the EC Directives.



Velocity of the machine 200 m per min
Width of the working part to 2150 mm
Max. weight of the base roll 700 kg
Max. diameter of the base roll 1300 mm
Inner diameter of the sleeve of the base roll         76 mm
Density of the base paper 15-50 g/m2
Diameter of a log 90-280 mm
Feed of sleeve


Winding of a log without sleeve provided
Embossing steel/rubber
Regulation of winding density counterpressure with diameter control
Cutting of the last sheet automatic
Gluing of the last sheet automatic
Deactivating of the perforation unit available
embossing unit available
last sheet gluing unit available
Control of winding to desired diameter of the log provided
linear meters provided
Dust protection of the roll-out zone provided
Anti-dust system provided
Elements of the security system in accordance with CE directives provided
Soft regulation of shafts rolling
by means of inverter
Power supply 230/400 W AC 50 Hz
Power consumption 20 KW
Pressure of the pneumatic system 8 bar
Air consumption 250 liters per minute
Dimensions (length/width/height) 4500/4000/2250
Weight 4500 kg
Space necessary for installation 20 m2

*Instead of the lamination unit, a stitching unit may be installed. Using of it is more accessible, especially for working with cellulose, and very popular.
The unit of mechanical clamping (the stitching unit) provides strong fastening of paper layers between each other. The winding density may be widely altered by means of the pressure roll, driven by pneumatic cylinders. The length and number of tear-off sheets (both toilet paper and paper towels) also is adjustable.