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Manufacturing equipment for the production of toilet paper and paper towels
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Bushing machine HM-45

According to the specifications of the customer it is possible to manufacture the machine from 2 to 7 tapes winding.


5 200,00 EUR


This machine is designed for manufacturing bushing of 2 cardboard tapes. In accordance with the Buyer’s technical request, machines for 2-7 tapes are fabricated.


The machine provides manufacturing cardboard bushings by means of gluing 2 cardboard tapes. The length of bushing is regulated with a sensor, fastened at the moving frame. Cutting the bushing of desired length is provided with two circular blades.

On loading the cardboard tapes, the machine operates in full-automatic mode, cuts and folds bushings of desired length.

In accordance with the Buyer’s request machines for 2-7 tapes may be produced.





Consumed electric power, kW (380V)


Pressure of pneumatic network, atm

от 3

  Service staff

1 person

Productivity, m / min

до 15

Diameter of produced bushing, mm (wall thickness from 0,8 to 5 mm)

from 30

 to 76

Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg




Universal bushing machine HM-45-7
Designed for manufacturing of cardboard bushing. Depending on cardboard density and requires of the Client (diameter of the bushing, width of sides), the machine produces bushing of two, three, or seven cardboard tapes, by means of gluing them between each other. The bushing length is regulated with sensor. The machine is equipped with pneumatic system of cutting, provided with one or two disk knifes, which work without stop of bushing winding. On loading of raw material, the machine works in full automatic mode, cuts and stores bushing of desired length.


Technical characteristics:

  • Adjustable diameter of bushing (70 and 76 mm)
  • Consumed energy – 2,5 KW (380 V)
  • Raw material – cardboard, width 70-75 mm
  • Bushing length control sensor
  • Capacity – to 12 m per min
  • Width of a side – to 4 mm
  • Consumed air – to 50 l (6-8 bar)
  • Dimensions, mm – 1200x800x900
  • Weight – to 210 kg

Price: 9 200,00 EUR

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